Friday, May 30, 2014


Buffer channel of a long overdue piece that just came out of the render farm with a slight case of identity crisis.


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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Demon Summer

I can't say I remember that much of the summer of '09, but judging from these little pixel babies I just rediscovered, I'm guessing it was one of those game-fueled ones. And I definitely strolled the pixelation forums a lot. So cuuute!

More Martian faux-game demonicness after the jump - - - - - - - ->

One the far left our protagonist of the story: the lost, and slightly misunderstood, matriarch from the demon dimension XYZ, together with her offspring in their infant and adult states.
Some innocent Martian bystanders of the oncoming apocalypse.
Rowboats! Or: some fiddlings with pixels to get a slick 60s sci-fi metal look

Some slick metal spacecruisers, reminiscent of a time when we didn't need greebles to make our designs more interesting.
The cartoon version!

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