Wednesday, November 5, 2014


It took me ages to get this piece done for my brother's dentist office, mostly because my initial ideas for the composition didn't work out. You can see more images of the final piece on my behance profile. After the jump are some shots from the work in progress.

Above: Trees! And the initital version of the forest (the grey is just to separate the different parts of the objects, for my ease of mind). I had intended a very dense amazon-like environment, but with so many trees packed close to each other I felt that the composition fell apart and the trees together just turned into a noisy polygon mess.

The old version of the hunters looked like some sort of cartoony sjaman sculptures. Not what I was looking for in this case.

Their new iteration was based on the bodyplan of a stick insect and much more in line with the verticality of their tall tree surroundings. The antler-like head pieces reinforce their connection to the forest and make them look quite graceful. Much better!

The hunters were given rudimentary joints in their spine for twisting and bending. The arms and legs are separate objects placed in an IK hierarchy to allow for quick and simple posing. Above also a look at the cache of staff weapons, some of them reminiscent of dentists' tools.

Having a more prominent focal point helped a lot in cleaning up the composition. Above a closer look at the tooth monument. Some of the fish were placeholder and later swapped for more stylized versions.

[render render render]


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