Monday, July 25, 2011

Computer Arts #190

A copy of Computer Arts magazine Issue 190, casually resting on my very first Daan Botlek screenprint :)

I got featured in the new Computer Arts magazine: Yay! You can find the 3-page piece in the Inspiration Workshop section, where I talk a bit about my influences and how the Ecology series came to be. Check it out!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Design Reboot

Design reboot is a wonderful lecture by Jonathan Blow in which he tackles issues of storytelling and/in game design and challenges us to take game design to a next level. Highly recommended stuff, even for people in other fields of design!

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An Astronaut's Life

Summertime, is a fascinating thing, regardless of what the weather outside is. Some people automatically slip on sandals, others get the irresistible urge to have ice-cream after every meal. Me, I stay indoors and wide awake 'till late at night, designing imaginary computer games. Fun!

On a side note: researchers postulate that Mozart may have come to his premature end because of vitamin-D shortage due to his indoorsy and nocturnal working habits. I'm not saying I'm Mozart, just be assured, I do go outside during daytime (pizza delivery services are quite lacking here in Rotterdam). So if you happen to spot me, say hi. God knows I need to practice my social skills.

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